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Protecting the Beauty of Your Car

To keep your vehicle's exterior and trim in "like-new" condition, Refine offers paint protection and window tinting films.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

The nearly invisible film is applied to the outer painted and exterior trim surfaces of the vehicle to help prevent rock chips, scratches, and scuffing. It is a sacrificial barrier that will take the abuse of everyday use. Commonly referred to as rock guard or stone shield. In many cases the film is precut using a computer database of patterns to fit the exact curves and shape of your vehicle. This is the best way to preserve your paint and trim, and in most cases will add value to your vehicle.

Headlight and Fog Light Protection Films

Headlights are often pitted if not cracked from rocks. Our headlight protection films substantially reduce the risk of damage to your lights. Clear and a variety of tints and colour films are available to help protect and customize your vehicle's appearance.

Window Tint

We carry a variety of window tint shades to enhance the look of your vehicle while keeping the interior cool and protected from sun damage. Window tint can also dramatically improve the look of your vehicle and increase the privacy.